Synthetic Log Siding For Low Maintenance

When it comes to choosing the siding for your house it is usually a case of wanting to have natural materials as much as possible, and in this way many people will usually opt for natural wood siding in order to give the traditional look as much as possible. However, traditional wood siding can be extremely expensive, particularly when you look at wood log siding which is usually one or two types: full log siding or split log siding, sometimes known as half log siding.

The way around this is to take a look at some of the many synthetic log siding types that are now available, a style of house siding that can cut your costs and give you a traditional wood siding appearance that can be easy to maintain and available in a wide range of colors. Many people may think that fake log siding is the cheap option, but it can make a house look very attractive and be installed at a decent cost.

There are many different synthetic siding options on the market, but when it comes to log siding many people will opt for vinyl log cabin siding, mainly because this material is very easy to maintain and can look like real wood but at a fraction of the cost. If you want a light look to your home, cedar log siding can be a good choice, and to find the best deals simply do a search for log siding dealers who will sell fake log siding order replica log siding.

You need to decide whether you'd want to go for full log siding, half log, or quarter log as this will have a huge impact on the appearance of your property. If you want a more contemporary feel didn't go for the modern siding appearance of smooth texture siding, a type which is easy to install usually using tongue and groove fixtures. If you want a more rustic feel then there are hand hewn types available, and these will add a very unique appearance to a house. Most log siding styles are available in cedar, oak, and pine [stained or untreated].

If you happen to live in a part of the world which suffers from extreme weather conditions, it may be worthwhile to look at a highly protective type of log siding, namely steel log siding. As you can imagine, this is an extremely durable and strong artificial siding style that can usually bear the brunt of the most extreme weather condition. The drawback is that this can be fairly expensive and does need to be installed by a professional contractor, who will make sure that the siding panels are attached properly to the battens and that the gaps are properly insulated and filled with caulking. Other options include cement fiber siding, which could also be a highly durable type.

However, for the really traditional look wood siding is the only thing to go for, with some of the traditional styles including pine, oak and cedar, with a stained wood siding able to add an antique style to any property. Once you decide which is the right style for you it is simply a case of setting your project and doing your research to find who can supply siding at a reasonable price.

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